(b. Myanmar, 1973)

Ko Z belongs to the Kachin ethnic minority who lives in the northernmost State of Myanmar. Since the independence in 1948, the Kachin population has endured a long state of civil war as well as many internal displacements of persons (IDP).

The ceasefire agreement, which was maintained from 1994 to 2011, broke down after the Myanmar military launched a surprise offensive in June 2011. Since then 100,000 people have been displaced and live in harsh conditions in IDP camps.

Titled “W.A.R” this new performance is inspired by the recent experience of the artist in IDP camps in Kachin State where he facilitated drawing sessions with children.  

Like the children’s drawings his performance will reflect the fear of an uncertain future, the longing for home and the pain for the loss of beloved ones. While representing the scars of the civil war, Ko Z’s performance also strives to express his hope for peace.