Action Parties?
Our plan is simple. All we want to do is give you some SPACE, as a call to ACTION. The space is a bold and playful one – a quirky pavilion resembling a pineapple (yes, indeed) - designed by the good people at Mash Up fashion collective. Use the area within or around it as you wish, switch it up or scale it down, express yourself! Engage us, do anything really, for an hour.

There’s a history to this…
(which we’d like you to continue).

Starting in 2007, DISINI artistic director Khai Hori began a call for proposals to use available spaces for dedicated actions within a fixed amount of time. Today, we continue this tradition.

Action is movement, an event - show us what it means to you. We welcome creative and strange ideas, but please, make your vision a reality. If you’ve always wanted to present and perform your own invented language, or kick off your shoes and do your signature dance moves on repeat, this may be right up your alley. As long as your action is remotely art-related, we want your submissions.

Submission Details

If you're interested in participating, please submit your proposal to We'll be announcing the deadline for the next round of proposals for the third edition of Action Parties soon. All actions will take place at Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road (S)108937. 

To check out the past actions that have been carried out, take a look at or visit our 'Gallery' page here.

Subsequent editions of Action Parties will take place from April to October. The open call for the second edition of Action Parties was closed on 8 March 2018.