A rare, rain or shine, all-night-long party in the outdoors headlined by French Canadian DJ and cult hero, Jacques Greene.

Born as Philippe Aubin-Dionne, Jacques Greene is an enigmatic young artist/producer from Montreal. Renowned for collaborating and remixing the music of Tinashe, Radiohead, Sampha, and Shlohmo, Jacques Greene makes music that connect people and speak of things that bring us together. Of his debut album, Feel Infinite, released earlier this year, Greene says the essence of the record was to “draw emotions and moments that above all, feel human within the context of dance music.” “I want it to be celebratory of all that we feel and do and experience—the beautiful, the good, and the bad.”



Curated by rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer Mean, the evening kicks off with a selection of live acts featuring AE$OP CA$H and Unknown Radicals who will show off their combined lyrical prowess before acclaimed indie-electronic duo .gif comes takes center stage. We then round off the night with NADA, whose signature sound is the result of their deconstructing and reshaping of popular Malay songs from the past before a takeover by Darker Than Wax. 


AE$OP CA$H & Unknown radicals

09.00 PM

AE$OP CA$H is the 22-year-old emergent rapper, providing fresh, new wave of trap music to a growing hip hop culture in Singapore while bringing to light the social and economic issues faced by lower classes of society today.

Unknown Radicals are self-proclaimed “friendly neighbourhood pop stars” made up of six rappers and artists. To date, the group have remained mostly underground and mysterious, letting their hard-hitting lyrics speak for themselves. 



09.45 PM

Pronounced ‘dot jif’, .gif is an electronic duo comprising of singer-songwriter Weish (vocals, synths) and Din (synths, beats, production). In 2013, they released their debut EP, titled saudade. Weish and Din dishes electronic music that combines lush soundscapes with lyrics that are intensely personal and meaningful. .gif have performed at various major Southeast Asian music festivals including Baybeats, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Java Soundsfair. 

Credit: KIAT

Credit: KIAT


10.10 PM

NADA is a visual arts/sound project that explores the myth and synthetic history of a fictional group of the same name. Their work focuses on an excavation of the golden era of Malay traditional and popular music that spanned from the 1960s to the 1980s. A concept developed by Rizman Putra and Safuan Johari, NADA blurs the line between fiction and reality by deconstructing popular Malay songs from the past and melding them back together like a newly-discovered treasure of long lost tapes that have aged with time. 



10.50 PM

Creating unique, fresh takes on hip-hop, Mean is an artist with a fluid and ever-changing musical sounds. His versatility as rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer allows for seamlessly adaptation to different styles and exploration various soundscapes. He crafts music that appeals to a broad audience, while pushing constant growth and progression in his lyrical ability and delivery without compromising quality and content. As a live performer, he brings forth energetic stage presence, transporting audiences through journeys that explore the spectrum of emotions in his music, inspired from real life experiences. 


William J

11.30 PM

Introduced to soundsystem culture and pirate radio while living in the UK in 2008, an obsession with early Dubstep and Grime brought about William J's involvement with underground music.

Since then, after quietly building his tastes and skills over the years, today William J’s hybrid sound blends together a diverse range of styles, including UK Bass and Funky, old school House and Garage, Bmore, Dancehall, Footwork, Jackin’, Grime, and everything in between.

Credit: Darker Than Wax

Credit: Darker Than Wax

Daryl C

12.30 AM

As with most love affairs, Daryl C’s liaison with electronic music was honed and fostered in the bedroom, where he first began his knob-fiddling pursuit some eight years ago. Levelling up through years of homemade mixtapes and midnight musical musings, Daryl C have now become a regular fixture in Singapore’s club circuit with an ever-evolving selection stockpile to keep feet moving. 
Delivering sonic chops by way of his signature funk, soul and jazz-infused deep house and a mixed bag of tech-house and disco beats, Daryl C has indeed built a solid presence behind the decks.

Credit: Darker Than Wax

Credit: Darker Than Wax



01.30 AM

Dean aka the Funk Bast*rd (one half of the Cosa nostra duo and co-founder of Singapore-based label Darker Than Wax) has been tirelessly pushing and promoting an alternative expression of leftfield music through his widely eclectic and genre-bending sets.

His musical selection, which traverses between a huge variety of musical genres like deep jazz, soul, funk, boogie, brazilian grooves, deep house, hip hop and bass numbers have left many indelible marks on the dance floors.



Credit: Oli

Credit: Oli



04.30 AM

Kaye is arguably one of Singapore’s most versatile and ever evolving musicians. Over the decades, he has morphed across the performance spectrum from performing in bands to DJing to 'live' sets with computers involving anything, and blending everything from his trusty saxophone to the EWI, vocoder, midi controllers, drum machines, analog synths and more.

His experience in the underground have not gone unnoticed in slightly more mainstream music landscapes resulting in bookings by high end fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Christian Dior and gigs at international events such as Beijing Olympics, Singapore Grand Prix, Zoukout, and the Volvo Ocean Race.